Cat's body is divided into head, neck, trunk, limbs and tail in five parts, the body coat. Cat's toes at the end of the quality cushions of fat, so silent walk. Mouse Hunt will not run scared rats, birth sharp toe claws. Claw to indent and out. Rest and walking cat claws to pull, when stretched out to catch rats, in order to avoid a crackling sound when walking to prevent the claws are blunt. Cat's forelimb have five fingers, limbs have four fingers. Cat's teeth are divided into incisors, canines and molars. Particularly well-developed canine teeth, sharp, such as cone, suitable for bite to catch the rodents, chewing surfaces of molars have sharp protrusions, suitable for meat chew; incisor developed. Cat quick action, good jump. Love eat rats and fish. "Cats" who are also Miao, cats, as natural enemies of rodents can be effective in reducing rodent damage to the seedlings and other crops from the cat's shape can be seen reflected in the ancient Chinese agriculture for their livelihood.

细犬 英文怎么翻译~

China Canines 比较官方的英文名

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