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At a Tribeca film festival event, the singer discussed directing the short All Too Well as well as the difficult time she went through over control of her music
翠贝卡电影节活动中,这位歌手讨论了导演短片 All Too Well 以及她在控制自己的音乐方面所经历的困难时期

Lines of young fans stretch down Broadway. Selfies aplenty snapped in a crowded lobby. Wild cheers as anticipation built inside, followed by intermittent shrieks during an opening speech from Tribeca film festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal. A short film screening that morphed into a pop concert, complete with sing-along.年轻的歌迷们在百老汇大街上排起了长队。在拥挤的大厅里自拍很多。在翠贝卡电影节联合创始人简·罗森塔尔的开幕演讲中,内心充满期待,狂野的欢呼声随之而来,接着是断断续续的尖叫声。一场短片放映,演变成一场 流行音乐会,并配有伴唱。

It’s safe to say this wasn’t your standard film festival event. But what else do you expect when the festival, now in its 20th year, decided to trot out the newly-minted Dr Taylor Swift to muse about film-making in honor of her music video-slash-short film aptly dubbed All Too Well: The Short Film? Released in November and directed by Swift herself, it fit like a glove into the festival as production partly took place in the actual Tribeca neighborhood in New York.可以肯定地说,这不是您的标准电影节活动。但是,当电影节已经进入第 20 个年头时,你还能期待什么,决定推出新晋的 Taylor Swift 博士来思考电影制作,以纪念她的音乐视频斜线短片,恰如其分地配音 All Too Well:短片?这部影片于 11 月上映,由 Swift 本人执导,非常适合电影节,因为部分制作是在纽约实际的翠贝卡社区进行的。

泰勒斯威夫特吧shake it off(泰勒斯威夫特吧软件)

Swift herself chose the moderator: Mike Mills, a director close with fellow Swift collaborators The National, including their short film, 2019’s I Am Easy to Find. “I’ve watched it so many times, but every time I watch it I go through every single range of the most intense types of emotions,” Swift gushed of her reasoning, proving that even for events like this the artist is scheming about every detail.斯威夫特自己选择了主持人:迈克·米尔斯,一位与斯威夫特的合作伙伴国家关系密切的导演,包括他们的短片,2019 年的《我很容易找到》。 “我已经看过很多遍了,但每次我看它时,我都会经历各种最强烈的情感,”斯威夫特滔滔不绝地解释她的推理,证明即使是这样的事件,艺术家也在策划每一个细节。

“It was a vulnerable moment where you’re sort of on the precipice of finding something new and you’re just really hoping you do everything perfectly,” said Swift who approached the craft with trepidation and concocted such a detailed plan for her video that Mills said he had never seen anything like it. “It is also important to remind yourself you shouldn’t do everything perfectly because you need to learn and grow.”“这是一个脆弱的时刻,你在寻找新事物的悬崖边上,你只是真的希望你能完美地完成每件事,”斯威夫特说,她惊恐地接近了这门手艺,并为她的视频制定了如此详细的计划,米尔斯说他从未见过这样的事情。 “同样重要的是要提醒自己,你不应该把每件事都做得完美,因为你需要学习和成长。”

As for where the music industry itself is now, Swift saluted the resurgence of vinyl, and the democratizing effect apps like TikTok have on the industry. “The fans have kind of subverted the label model of: ‘We sit in a conference room and we pick the songs that you’re going to like.’ And you guys are like, ‘Um, no!’ I find it so radical and wonderful.’”至于音乐行业本身现在所处的位置,斯威夫特对黑胶唱片的复兴以及 TikTok 等应用程序对行业的民主化影响表示敬意。 “粉丝们有点颠覆了标签模式:‘我们坐在会议室里,我们挑选你会喜欢的歌曲。’你们就像,‘嗯,不!’我觉得它太激进了太棒了。

“I’m just trying to listen to the heartbeat of what the fans want,” she said. “It’s so exciting to have gotten to do this for this long and have this many memories. I’m just kind of listening along and having fun and making stuff. It’s very cool that they want me to keep doing it.”“我只是想听听粉丝们想要什么的心跳,”她说。 “能做这件事这么久,有这么多回忆,真是太令人兴奋了。我只是在听,玩得开心,做东西。他们希望我继续做这件事真是太酷了。”

来源:‘I had imposter syndrome’: Taylor Swift talks becoming a director | Taylor Swift | The Guardian

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